At Denver studio in 2017

Sam Paul grew up doing street art around the Nashville, TN area. Over the years, he transitioned mediums from spraypaint, markers, and pens to acrylic paints, then finally to oils, which he felt afforded him the most freedom. His earliest works were heavily influenced by graffiti, psychedelic art, and cubism. While attending school, he began live painting and selling illustrated show posters, prints, and shirts at festivals around the southeastern US before making his way out west to Colorado.

In Colorado, he opened a studio and worked mostly on commission for a few years while further developing his craft and studying academic realism. His commissioned work took on a more abstract, cubist-inspired style while on the side, he did mostly small still life, figure, and plein air studies. After finishing school in Colorado, he moved farther west to the coast in California, where he lives today, focusing more on realistic works than abstract.